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General Meeting Minutes

The Lanhydrock Allotment and Community Garden Association

 Minutes of the general meeting held on Monday 27th February 2012 at St. Lawrences social club 

Attending were :- G. Bunt (chair), M. Seaman (secretary), R. Stoddern, (lettings), C. O'Callaghan,  G.Bunt, K. Chapman (committee) D. Brock, K. Centini, John Kendall, Jeanette Kendall, L.Frost, A. Armstrong, M.Armstrong, P.Hitchings, G.Morley, J.Morley, S.Thorneycroft, W.Keys (Wragg), G.Wilson, S.Fullwood, EStubery, N.Joyce, E.Edwards, B.Purchase + 2 Anon. R. Brookes-Sullivan, M.Lewis and Fred from the National Trust.     =  29.

 Apologies  received from, P .Almond, T.Grigg, I.North, G.Ashmall, V.Pengilley, P.Yeo, L.Trendall, S.Spargo,T.Wood, F. Colliver, P.Twigg.

 Glynis (G) opened the meeting at 7.30 pm by welcoming all and handing over to Mike (M). He explained that we were lucky enough to have Rebecca, Matt and Fred from the National Trust to talk to us and we would split the agenda to enable them to talk in between.

Website and changes to.

 M said we were very grateful to Cathy (C) and her brother David for their hard efforts to design and build a website for us we should be proud of. It would be updated at least monthly and asked for help from the members in adding to the recipes, events, etc. C said there was a box in the main shed for contributions. Perhaps someone with more experience could assist us with the children's bit as the committee's offspring had sprung many years ago.

Details of the youngsters’ competition for the year was now written on the website under this section.

 Committee changes.

 M said there had been 3 changes as Sam, our treasurer and Jane had stepped down because of other commitments, they were thanked for their work to date.

At the previous week,s committee meeting, Neil Joyce had been voted in as treasurer and Sue Spargo as Jane's general committee post replacement. Graham Bunt had been 'caretaking the treasury' role temporarily and was bribed to stay on the committee as site steward, he had qualifications for this post having done some bar work previously.  It was reminded that the next meet was the AGM and members had a chance to back us, sack us or join us then. 

Financial report.

 As Neil had only just started, M read out the current balance and promised a better report next meeting.

 Water tanks

 These were needed asap to accept run off rain water from the sheds and thanks to research by Sam, suitable ones had been sourced and confirmation about funding had been received from  ECLAG, they would be ordered (subject to approval from Matt Lewis for the Trust). It was hoped these would be in situ after Easter in time for the season.


Seed swop and help day

 M told of the plans for seed and plant swop day, this year on Sat 31st March. It would be a lower key event than last year, no trade,  just bring along seed packets, spare plants and swop around or put a few pennies in the coffers. We would try and incorporate a general help day for site work too as several members had offered help but wanted a list of jobs. This would be done.

 Shed locking

 M and R had decided that after at least 6 reports since Xmas that the sheds were not being locked overnight that our members were TOO nice and OVER CONSIDERATE as they were probably unlocking the sheds but leaving open for for others that were still working on their plots when in fact the others didn't use, or want to use, the shed. This led to leaving unlocked all night and M gave examples of 2 other allotment sites that had been broken into recently and said we weren't immune at Lanhydrock so lets adopt the policy of "if you unlock, you also lock, doesn't matter what time of day this is". Please? How else do we get round this problem?

 The Viv Brock memorial cup.

 M proudly showed the beautiful silver cup kindly donated, fully engraved, by Paul and Cathy to be vied for every year being awarded for the best allotment as judged by an independent judge.

This cup will be kept for one year by the winner and returned for the following

year but would be engraved with the winner's name and year. We thought it was a lovely fitting,lasting tribute to a lovely lady who we will all miss.

It is already engraved with the Brock's name as the winners for the last 2 years. A challenge forus all to give Dennis a closer run this year! Penny is already ahead of us all due to the amount of time she has put in on her new plot since Christmas. We'll catch her up maybe!

Ruth congratulated Penny on what she'd achieved on this new plot.

The secretary then introduced our friends from NT Lanhydrock and handed over to them for what turned out to be a very informative, interesting talk about the proposed changes to the estate to accommodate the new cycle hub/tracks and deal with the queuing of traffic on busy days trying to gain access. Maps, photos and diagrams were shown on screen via a projector and our members were invited to ask questions after the talk. We were able to ask about any aspect of the Trust's work. 

D then spoke for us all who agreed the scheme had been well thought out, was well presented and should prove very popular. The chat after confirmed that this was agreed by all.

 Matt, Rebecca and Fred were thanked for their time and brilliant presentation, and no expense was spared in giving them well deserved and needed drinks.

Rebecca then asked in what form we would like to have a 'treat' bearing in mind that in 2010 we'd had the house meet one evening including a talk on wildlife to be found on the estate, 2011 the nursery tour with Ken and Veronica. There was a short silence from the members which is rare as folk were not sure what to ask for.

M piped up that the tenants in 2010, (for all the properties and farms, etc.), including himself and his wife were given a tour of little known gems which the public don't often see on the estate, accompanied by a talk on the move from Matt about the wildlife and fauna and flora we came across, which proved to be something that was very memorable and perhaps might appeal to us outdoor folk.

Approval of this idea to be repeated was given by the members and Matt agreed to find a suitable evening in his busy schedule around early May.

M then picked up with the agenda again starting with reminding that Lanhydrock was open free to all with a PL postcode this coming w/end 3 - 4 March. 

C had suggested that we created a calendar for 2013 from pics taken by our members on our site to raise money for the social fund, but Wendy's proposal that we do a Tavistock W.I. type calendar not carried, (shame). Members were asked to submit any interesting shots for consideration to Cathy via email best. The 12 winners will be suitably rewarded, watch for future posters/messages on this subject. 

In addition to the children's comp. (see website childrens page), the adults could compete for the heaviest pumpkin for a prize at the end of the season. Might ban Christine who was the champion grower for 2011. 
The meeting ended around 9.00pm with the secretary reminding of date and time of next meeting :-

Mon 30th April (AGM).


Thanks to all who came to help make great evening.