A to Z of Allotment Life

To enhance and maintain the friendly atmosphere on our site we have designed an ‘A to Z of allotment life’.   We ask you abide by them as we have tried to make them reasonable and practical enabling us all to enjoy gardening together.


Pedestrian access is just a short walk from the designated car park.  There is one padlock on the main gate.   Please close the gate after entering the site as it is part of our protection against the rabbits and deer.   Please ensure you lock the gate if you are the last person out.

Bonfires and BBQs

These are permitted on the site but please be considerate of other allotment holders.

Ensure that the fire is under control at all times and positioned away from overhanging trees, our wooden sheds and flammable items.

Car Park

We have our designated car park – please be considerate when parking allowing space for loading and unloading.


Families and children are a major part of our community and we actively encouraging their presence, but ask that parents take responsibility for their children ensuring that they do not annoy other allotment holders.   Please be aware that the community sheds contain potentially dangerous equipment for children and are not to be used as an indoor play area.   It is suggested that children only enter the sheds when accompanied by an adult. 


The committee is elected each year in May and is open to all.   Nominations are put forward and voted on during the meeting.   Votes are on the basis on ‘one plot one vote’.   Whilst we understand that it may not be possible for members to attend all the meetings if they fail to attend the majority of meetings they will not be permitted to stand for re-election. 


We aim to have something planned for each month be it allotment meetings, barbeques or trips out.   There is a notice board on the shed listing events and inside will be lists to add your name to should you wish to participate.   We also have a page on Facebook where allotment holders keep in touch and share helpful information as well as lots of jokes.


Dogs are permitted on the site but we stipulate that they are under control at all times and fouling whilst on the site is expressly prohibited.

Fruit Cages

A maximum size of 21’ x 10’ has been set, it is essential that you discuss your plans with Mike Seaman and your neighbours before erecting the cage.


It is not permitted to use a hosepipe on the allotment for any purpose.   There are many ways to retain moisture in the soil to prevent plants from drying out, if in doubt please ask for advice.


There are two sets of gates on the allotment, one being the main gate which is for general use and has a padlock fitted.   The bottom set of gates are for deliveries of manure, compost and access for large vehicles only – and of course the big gas barbeque on social ‘do’s.   If you need access through the bottom gates you will need to liaise with Mike Seaman as the gates allowing access from the main road are kept locked.   Lanhydrock Estate has insisted that these be kept locked for safety reasons but Mike can negotiate access when needed.

Due to the presence of rabbits and deer it is imperative that the gates are shut at all times and the gates securely locked when leaving the site unoccupied.


It is not permitted to be used on the site for any purpose.


Each plot holder will be given one key for which a deposit is required.   Its safe keeping is your responsibility; if any keys supplied are lost then you will be charged at the current replacement cost.   When relinquishing the plot, for whatever reason, the key must be returned and your deposit will be returned.


Petrol for use in the mower/strimmer is stored in a locked container outside the main shed, the key for which will be on the rack inside the main shed.   Please let Mike Seaman know if we are getting low on supplies so it can be replenished for the next user.


Your plot is approximately 23’ wide and 50’, comprising of growing space of 21’ (if full size) and a 2’ path.   The path, being part of your plot, is your responsibility to maintain and keep in a safe condition.

Please maintain tidy edges to you plot and prevent crops and also weeds from encroaching onto your neighbours plot.   Remember that planting crops that can grow tall e.g. rows of runner beans can cause shading on your neighbours plot and or crops that sprawl e.g. squashes can quickly invade a neighbours plot. 

There will plot inspections 2 or 3 times a year and those who are obviously experiencing difficulties will be offered help/advice.   If this situation is not resolved and continues then the committee will be forced to deal with it formally.   If you feel you are having difficulty coping due to whatever reason please ask for help.   We are a friendly bunch and would much rather pitch in when problems occur than see someone struggle.


Rent is payable on the 1st of January each year, if the rent is not received within 4 weeks of this date then a written formal reminder will be sent to you.   If no rent has been received 8 weeks from the original due date then the committee will consider the tenancy of the plot surrendered.   All items remaining on the plot at this date will be considered to be the property of the Allotment Association and may be removed for sale to clear any debts incurred.   

If you have problems with payment please contact the secretary who will be able to make arrangements with you to help the situation.


We have two sheds on the site (refer to site plan) and it is each persons responsibility to keep them clean, tidy and safe.   Any problems notes please report to a committee member as soon as possible.   Each shed has a padlock and keys are issued to each allotment holder.   Within the shed we have established a small library where, for a small fee, you can borrow books to read at home.   There are also various magazines/journals for you to look through, a resource file with helpful information and a collection of recipes for those with a culinary bent.   We welcome all contributions to these collections…….the more the merrier.

There is stored in the sheds gardening tools and equipment, including petrol powered mowers/strimmers, so please remember to keep the doors locked at all times.   This is a working area and not a play area for children – see section on children. 

There is a shed cleaning rota but as it is a communal space help from all to keep it tidy is appreciated. 


Any tree planted, be it in a pot/tub or in the plot itself, must not exceed 6’. 


Please do not place perennial weeds in communal compost bins (neither should they be put in your own compost bin), these weeds could be dried and burnt, or bagged up and removed from the site.


The use of chemical weedkiller is vigorously discouraged on the allotment as we aim to be an organic as possible.  

The use of weedkiller is not permitted on the allotment after 1st May each year.   When spraying weedkiller please be extremely considerate of neighbouring allotments and avoid windy days.


It is not permitted to remove wood/bark chipping from the National Trust woodlands for any reason e.g. for use on your allotment.